Fahsion Design Incorpirated With Photoshop



I absolutely love this image. This is an image by a Fashion Designer named Vivien VC. This image stands out to me mostly because the background of the image makes the design pop. By just guessing I feel the designer played with the opasity with the background to make you concentrate more on the design. What I also like about the image is the sharpness of the image. Everything looks amazing. The face, the form the colors it’s all just perfect to me and it’s a well done job by this designer.




Digital Imaging






This is a Basic Principles of Digital Matte Painting by Daniel Johnson. I find this image to tell such a big message which is why is interest me so much. This is a image that was digitaly create. I couldn’t say it was created on Photoshop, but i do know that it is so perfectly manipulated and put together. What attraacts me to the image so much is it looks like a photograph,like all he did was take the picture of this broken down issolated city. Daniel is someone I will continue to do research on and look up more art work on because his work is so amazing.


Photoshop Minipulations


I find this image very interesting the way they used all the electronics to make up the image of the bird. I like the message they’re sending by saying all the technology is takinh ovr our world and your seeing more gadgets than well known animals around. This is actually a photo that represents hyper well and that’s a reason i like this photo so much.

Teenage Magazine Image Issues With Photoshop

When reading articles about Photoshop its hard to find the positive things about what the program actually does for todays society when it comes to advertisement. From reading this article about teen magazine protesting Photoshop I don’t feel that it’s right. Photoshop is a program that doesn’t do anything but create any image you want. I see it all as art. However, this article may have a point with what its saying to support why they feel the way they do, but they shouldn’t blame Photoshop for that, they should be blaming who ever their photographers are.




Photoshop in Todays Society

With being in a digital imaging art class we’re taking art to a next level. Over the time we only knew art as canvas and paint or pen and paper, but with certain tools on Photoshop you can make the most amazing image ever using certain tools. In class I like to you the tools that are able to soften your image or give it any rough edge. I have a couple examples from this article I red on the history of Photoshop.


I like this image because it’s a great example of what Photoshop can do to manipulate an image. It takes everything from the ordinary to the unordinary, which is very amazing to me. Who would think to have a tic tac toe board on a construction site.

Advantages of Photoshop

Photoshop is amazing to me. It has many features and tools that has advanced society. In class we have been learning how to create our own images by taking different things from multiple photos to make one photo of our likings making our own advertisement for a non-profit organization. In this article was reading about how Photoshop is causing all these problems with young adults once again, but I took all the positives out of the article un like my first journal that focused around the negatives. I find it amazing that you can fix any thing you want in Photoshop. I may not agree with changing the image of woman’s beauty, but I do agree with the fact that Photoshop has changed the art word drastically. It has opened a different type of art that you can’t sketch with a pencil n paper. Your able to create anything and fix every blemish you can deal with your artwork. I chose this article because with me being into fashion this is my art. The human body is my artwork and Photoshop is a tool that will continue to make it perfect. I’m not saying change the entire image of the body or the person, all I’m saying is everyone wants their work to be perfect.


Misrepresentation of Photoshop

Photoshop had a big impact in fashion when it came to modeling and company advertisement. From an article I read, Photoshop created a lot of controversy with models being who they are and their original image. In the article it states what was being done is the image of the person would completely change to what the photographer felt was the appropriate image. For example if your face wasn’t slim enough they would change that making your face look slimmer or if you had a little fat some where or you didn’t look tall enough or your skin tone didn’t look appealing to them they would change it. This was a problem to the models and the people in our society because us being women looking in on what you have to look like to be considered beautiful does make you unhappy with your own image. I found this interesting because me being a beginner to Photoshop and me being in the fashion industry these are things I need to know before making certain decisions and choices when either getting into an internship or a job that requires me to do their advertisements.



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