What I did with this image was use the polygon lassotool to create the geometric shapes to begin the proses of forming the image and to copy and paste I pressed command c-d-v which put them into different layers to begin to form my geometric Cubism image.  What I also had to do was go to the transform tool which you can find under edit and there is where you can find the options in where you can rotate and scale the pieces to fit perfectly together.


In this image from what you can see I developed the male more to begin to make the image come together more and as I stated before I cut, copy and pasted the geometric shapes and played with them by rotating them to fit into the image.


Here is where I began to incorporate the child to begin to make the image look as how I want it to.


Here is where you can see what I’m doing and beginning to form the photo that was once just geometric shapes that I was making.


This is what may look like the finished photograph, but there are things that still needed to be added, such as the back ground and the logo for the organization this is for.Cubism-05

In this image what I’ve done was add the background to my image to give it amore finished look. What I did here was change the color of each layer to hard light to make the picture look combined with the background. Also I move the pieces of my layers to separate the image more to give it a more shattered glass look.


Here is where I added shadowing to the layers.  What I did was go to layers, then to layer style, then to drop shadow where there I was allowed to make the shadow formation to my likings.


The changes I made here was only changing the color lighting on the child to give him a more effective look from the mad feeding him to draw  more attention to the child being fed. The lighting of which I used is called vivid light to give it a redder color than just a little tint of lightness as I used on the man.

This is my final result for my Cubism picture. By adding the logo and changing the lighting of the logo to  screen and adding a drop shadow it put the finishing touches on the picture.



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