Concept #1

For my concepts since my Orginazation in Feed The Children I felt it would be intrersting to use a person feeding the child in  need and then turn it into a geometric photograph using Photoshop.

Unknown 2

Concept #2

This is a picture I was thinking of using for my concept, but this really doesn’t show the entire concept that I want to get across about my organization.


Concept #3

This is an example im using from the painter Aleksandra Ekster to create the efefct im trying to get in my own photo graph.


Concept #4

This image is one that got my attention first. The dilemma with this photo is it doesn’t have the concept of the children being fed by the volunteer or the worker and that’s what I want for my focus point.


Concept #5

In this you get a strong understanding of why my organization is so important. This image shows the struggle of children that can’t afford to be fed or taken care of with the proper care by poor families or just a low income community.


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