#1)  This is my beginning image that’s starting to be developed. I’m using the shape of a broccoli as my base to create my collage image. To accomplish this  all I’m using is the eraser tool to erase the excess from the original image to give it the correct shape.


#2) What I did here was add more images to make the image more complete, but there’s something that I don’t seem to like about this image so far with the kitchen not being enough to bring out my major concept.


#3) In this image I changed the bottom area of the broccoli to different culture flags to show my message. By me doing that is shows that this is an international problem that s going on everywhere with starving children.


#4) In this image I have the broccoli all filled in with the images I feel is suitable for the message I’m trying to get across and I must say I’m very pleased with this image  so far.


#5) In the image below what i’ve done was add the background. By doing this it brings out the main attraction of my photo. Another thing that I did was add the logo to the picture to give the over all messagse I was trying to get across.


#6) The  link below is the video that I made from my photo for this collage assignment. What I did here was make a short video adding qouts from the Feed The Children official web site to get what they want their veiwers to know and show the importance of helping the children around the world.


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