#1) For my concept for this Collage assignment my first concept is to have the collage main concept with a kitchen and the main components of the kitchen. Such as, food, forks, knifes, spoons, etc.


#2) My second concept I would like everything to be focused on the children’s happiness while they’re getting fed. For example, I could have workers interacting with the children in the collage.


#3) My third concept will be focused on food for the most part. I would have all different types of food from all different cultures where they have children in need and make the collage more faced towards the culture of the kids just to get a little of a cultural view.


#4) For my fourth concept I would like to incorporate everything in one. For instance, I would have the where the food starts, to the proses of when its cooked, to when the workers are sharing the food to the children and then the children eating and being happy in the end.


#5) For my last concept I would like to have a collage just with the children from different cultures interacting with each other. I feel that’s an important thing when it comes to helping children in need so they can see that they’re not the only one going threw struggle.






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