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3D Art On Illustrator


I found this web site just googling things about Illurrstrator and I found this. The web site is actually a bunch of  tutorial that shows you how to do various things using the illurstator program. I found this very interesting because I never knew yo could do anything of the sort like this with that program. My profesor always say computer programs are becoming more advanced with art and now I  begin to see what she’s talking about.


Art At Its Best


I love this picture, but what how do you think it was drawn? It looks like a photograph from a painting, but it’s not. This is an image from a web site that i found. I think that this is very amazing and the person who did this is very talented. The person made this image off of Illistrator. The color is perfect. The shapes are perfect. It all just looks so realistic and amazing to me. This is amazing and the artest is great. I love this.

What Do You Think????


Here we have Rihanna at her best. She is one of the people I know that takes a lot of risk when it comes to her fashion sense. As you can see this is her at the Met Gala. In my opinoin  this is beautiful, but this is a little much. This is one of the garments I must say had the word risky running threw my mind. This has must cost her a goos amount of money, but hey fashion is all about the risk and to show who you are threw your daily garments.

Met Gala 2015


The Met Gala is a big fashion event that happens every year and has a specififc theme that the stars have to go by. In the image above was one of my favorite designs that Anne Hathaway is wearing. I like the design so much because of the color and just the fact that it’s plain,but it’s powerful in my eyes. Gold beng such a powerful color gives the garment shes wearing a powerful message to me. Some may call me crazy, but I love it.

Fashion Design


This is another one of my designs that i did on Adobe Illistrator. With this program I was able to upload and create my own pattern to put onto my design. I really like this about the two programs both Photoshop and Illistrator because your able to make everything come to life out your mind. You get all your creativity out and put it into these programs and make it what you always imagened.

My Work

In this image above is one of my drawing I did on Adobe Illistrator. This was actually my first flat fashion illiwstration I did on illustrator. For me I absolutely love this program. In my eyes it’s everything that the fashion industry needs, since the world is becoming more computerized. You have a rizing epodemic of fashion designers that are becoming technical designers due to this program. I love this and this is actually the field that I’m so interested in joining.

Fashion Art At Its Best


This is an image Spiros Halaris.From what I red, he’s a Greek artist that uses pencil,ink and Photoshop. This photograph is very amazing the way he incorpirarted the woman with the zebra for his final design. When I see images like this all I can say is how was the artistv able to do this so perfectly. Everything look as one. With me just learning Photoshop this just gives me more insperation to keep going and striving twards my personal goals.