Misrepresentation of Photoshop

Photoshop had a big impact in fashion when it came to modeling and company advertisement. From an article I read, Photoshop created a lot of controversy with models being who they are and their original image. In the article it states what was being done is the image of the person would completely change to what the photographer felt was the appropriate image. For example if your face wasn’t slim enough they would change that making your face look slimmer or if you had a little fat some where or you didn’t look tall enough or your skin tone didn’t look appealing to them they would change it. This was a problem to the models and the people in our society because us being women looking in on what you have to look like to be considered beautiful does make you unhappy with your own image. I found this interesting because me being a beginner to Photoshop and me being in the fashion industry these are things I need to know before making certain decisions and choices when either getting into an internship or a job that requires me to do their advertisements.



You Tube Video


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