Advantages of Photoshop

Photoshop is amazing to me. It has many features and tools that has advanced society. In class we have been learning how to create our own images by taking different things from multiple photos to make one photo of our likings making our own advertisement for a non-profit organization. In this article was reading about how Photoshop is causing all these problems with young adults once again, but I took all the positives out of the article un like my first journal that focused around the negatives. I find it amazing that you can fix any thing you want in Photoshop. I may not agree with changing the image of woman’s beauty, but I do agree with the fact that Photoshop has changed the art word drastically. It has opened a different type of art that you can’t sketch with a pencil n paper. Your able to create anything and fix every blemish you can deal with your artwork. I chose this article because with me being into fashion this is my art. The human body is my artwork and Photoshop is a tool that will continue to make it perfect. I’m not saying change the entire image of the body or the person, all I’m saying is everyone wants their work to be perfect.

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